Chakotay's Logs: Threshold

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** Personal Logs, Commander Chakotay **


By Mindy

When this journey began, I made comment that personal logs were personal--and private. At this time however, I'm happy that I had done the official log first. At least I managed to keep it 'official' sounding.

But personal logs. . .let's just say that the past few days have been interesting.

It started with a holo deck, three ambitious officers and the theory of Transwarp drive. . .


Kathryn had given permission for B'Elanna, Harry and Paris to begin experimenting on Transwarp Drive. The theory is, if you can break the warp 10 threshold, you can exist simultaneously everywhere, at every point in the universe. If you can achieve warp 10, and then manage to come out at the precise point, we can get home quicker.

In theory, infinite velocity.

A new form of dilithium held at higher speeds. In simulations, the nacelles were being ripped from the shuttle. Can't say how many times Paris died in simulation. (Not that it hurt my feelings any). Harry and B'Elanna were in charge of watching the process.


We had met in the briefing room after the successful simulation. I have to admit that I was impressed by what I had seen. Even if it was only a simulation, it was a first. I think we all felt it was within our grasp.

Since it had worked so well in simulation, the next step was a manned flight. Paris gave Kathryn his flight plan for the experiment. If all checked out, we could go for a longer flight.

"To be honest, it's almost frightening," I admitted. "Up to now, it's all been theory. I never thought it would actually happen. Are we ready for it?"

If this worked, Paris would be among some of the most elite pilots in history: Armstrong, Wright, Cochrane. I have to admit that I was just a tad bit jealous. I almost wished I could do it. But when it came right down to it, Paris was the better choice, the better pilot.


We were ready. I can tell you that anticipation was running at an all time high. We could make history, right here, right now. He crossed the threshold. He actually hit Warp 10. However, he disappeared. Nothing could find him, then the shuttle reappeared. Paris didn't respond. We beamed him back to the sickbay while Kathryn ordered me to bring the shuttle back on board.

While his highness rested in sickbay, they were downloading the shuttle logs. Apparently, the theory was correct. He was, had, been everywhere at once.


Needless to say, when Paris began--mutating and died, I no longer felt any jealousy. If this were what was awaiting us at Transwarp velocity, just drop me off at the next planet. We all mourned him.

Then, the next thing we knew, he was alive again. He kept changing, his DNA mutating. Kathryn told me was becoming deranged--as if he needed the excuse of mutating to be deranged.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, it did.


The doctor suggested destroying all of his new DNA and re-introducing his old. To destroy the mutated DNA, we'd have to use anti-protons, which are only found in the warp core. Had to be attempted within the hour or Paris would no longer exist.


What was suppose to be a way to repair Paris became a level 3 security alert. Kathryn wasn't on the bridge and contacted me.

"Janeway to bridge. Report."

"Paris broke out of confinement in engineering. He used a phaser on the port plasma conduit. We have power failures all over the ship."

"Where is he now?"

"We're having trouble tracking him. We can't get power to the internal sensors. Tuvok has security teams searching deck by deck." All the while, this conversation was going on, I was pacing the command level on the bridge. Hell, it wasn't as if I could do anything.

"I'm on my way to the bridge." That was the last I'd hear from Kathryn for quite sometime.

We had a phaser discharge on deck six. There was no security in that area and I figured it was probably Paris.

Then someone was depressurizing shuttle bay two. There was no power to the tractor beams to pull it back. Tuvok reported in, having found Kathryn's phaser but no sign of her. Ten to one, she was with Paris. Thank god for small miracles, main power came back on line. I ordered the helm to follow them at the highest possible warp.

For all intents and purposes, they went to Transwarp. And we lost them.


It took us three days to find them, on an unchartered planet. I wasn't sure what we'd find. But what the doctor said was even stranger. That Paris evolved, naturally. The shuttle was located in a jungle area. I told Tuvok to get his security together and meet me in Transporter room three.

A hunting we will go.


What did we find? A cross between a lizard and--oh, hell, I don't know what to call them. I stunned both and we cautiously moved in. Not very attractive. Not like the people we knew. I took a reading.

"There are traces of human DNA." I said. "But I must admit, I'm not sure which one is the captain." I could see no visible difference or identifiers.

"The female, obviously." Tuvok said. Who said Vulcans have no sense of humor.

Then surprise! Three little--kids popped their heads out of a hole between Paris and Kathryn. They had obviously--procreated. Kathryn? With Paris? I sure didn't want to touch that one. As we watched, they slithered off into the water. I have to admit, it made me rather sick.

"I don't know how I'm going to enter this into the log." I admitted.

"I look forward to reading it." Tuvok said.


Pointless to say, we transported 'Kathryn' and 'Paris' back to the ship and did the anti-proton bursts to them to reintroduce their original DNA.

For Kathryn, as well as Paris, I decided to leave their 'offspring' on the planet. The little ones seemed--happy there.


I can't say that I believe the doctors theory about evolution. But I can honestly say that I'd rather see Kathryn as a beautiful, healthy human then a slimy salamander. Paris--let's just say not much of a change.

I was very happy to see her again as Kathryn. Slime just didn't suit her.

**End Log**

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