Chakotay's Logs: Non-Sequitur
Disclaimer: Paramount can keep Libby and the beer guzzling Paris. But they don't own my VCR. Hah. or the remote control.

**Personal Logs, Commander Chakotay**


By Mindy

Harry had went out on a mission when on the way back, he had a slight problem with an anomaly. We couldn't get a transporter lock, nothing. Was Kathryn ever worried.

"Just out of reach," she whispered.

We managed to get a hold of him, Kathryn told me to go over the sensor logs to find out what exactly happened. I said I'd get right on it.


Come to find out, Harry had been stuck in an alternate time-line, where he was an engineer in San Francisco, Paris was a drunk at the real Sandrine's in France and Voyager was lost in the Badlands looking for the Maquis. It could have been easy for him to stay there. . .on Earth, with his financeť. Lived out his life.

But Voyager, no matter how far from the Alpha Quadrant we are, is still home.

**End Log**

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