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** Personal Log, Commander Chakotay**


By Mindy

Durst, B'Elanna and Tom Paris were sent on a mission to investigate magnisite formations.

However, when we returned for the scheduled rendezvous, we couldn't hail them. The magnisite was blocking their comm signals. Harry noted that the tunnels were moving down there within the planet. I offered to lead the away team, using what Harry affectionately called 'bread crumbs', so we'd be easy to find. With a transporter lock and a smile, Kathryn let me lead it. I took Tuvok and Harry with me.

Harry laid out the transponders, allowing us an open relay with the ship. They'd been here, alright. But where did they go? Tuvok said that five humanoids had entered this particular cavern. Only three in the away team. What the hell was going on?

We kept looking, going deeper into the cavern. Nothing new, no sign, no trace. Nothing. Then we came to a dead end. According to the scans on the ship, the tunnel we were in should have went on another fifty feet or so. The formation of the tunnels kept changing. How were we to find anything if this kept up?

Tuvok said that the changing conditions weren't seismic, but some sort of illusion, a force field. I contacted Kathryn. Tuvok pointed out that it was similar to the technology used by the Viidians. I heard her order Ayala to scan for ships. Kathryn said, that before when we had encountered Viidians, we were able to phaser through the force field to find what was behind it.

I fired my phaser at the wall and nothing happened. Kathryn told me re-modulate my phaser and try again. We were ready to beam out if necessary.

Before I could, two Viidians appeared. "Three to beam up!" I yelled. I felt the familiar dematerialization. I hope the away team hadn't run into that type of fate.

Back on board Voyager, we discussed the possibility that they may send for reinforcement ships. Tuvok pointed out they may be able to cloak their ships the same way as the tunnels. I pointed out that the away team may be at greater risk, now that they know we're here. I held Kathryn's eyes, knowing that this was a very high probability.

Harry said the force field surrounded 600 kilometers circumference, that every attempt at scanning wasn't working, that there was no fluctuations to peek inside, to see what they were doing. Kathryn had us do some simulations. We had to find a way in. If they could move out and about, then we should be able to get in. Theoretically, of course.

A one-micron hole. . .the opening to their area. We figured if we had a narrow enough beam, we could beam somebody through that micron and get in. Some factors. . .we wouldn't be in contact. . .no way to verify if transport was successful. . .and what would prevent the person from being captured?

I had an idea for that one. I should have kept my mouth shut.

The next thing I knew, I had my butt in sickbay, being altered to look like a Viidian. Kes was impressed, as was Kathryn. The doctor acted as if this were an everyday occurrence.

Tuvok replicated my clothes, the closest to Viidian clothing that he could get. Now I know where to go if I need anything done. Tuvok, a tailor.

Show time.

I made it inside and I was apprehensive. I found where they were at, found Paris. Shocked the hell out of him, I did. Enough to fool Paris was good enough for me.

His back was turned. I put a phaged hand on his shoulder. He whirled.

"Keep your hands off me!"

"Whatever you say, Paris," I said. The look on his face was worth it. "But I thought you might like to get out of this place."

Oh, the look on his face--priceless. "Chakotay?"

"Where are Torres and Durst?"

"I think they've been taken to what the Viidians call 'organ processing'."

We were interrupted by a Viidian. Time to find out if this disguise is enough. Worth the price we have to pay.

"You. Why are you talking to that prisoner?"

"I was ordered to take him to organ processing," I lied.

Why wasn't I notified?" The Viidian asked.

"I was told you had been." Another little fib.

"I've never seen you before." He said, scrutinizing me a little closely. I said a very quick silent prayer.

"My face was just grafted." It wasn't exactly a lie.

"Very well, take him. But from now on, I expect to be notified in advance of all transfers."

"Yes, sir." I said slightly relieved. I nodded to Paris and we left.

We found B'Elanna. . .both of her. One completely human and the other fully Klingon. And a Viidian looking like Durst holding a weapon on the human version of our engineer.

The Viidian was about to shoot when I ordered beam out. The Klingon took the hit fully. I've never been so glad to leave a place.

We beamed back, but it was too late for the Klingon. Her injury was too severe. She died on the transporter pad before we could get her to sickbay.

The doctor said that they would have to reintegrate the Klingon DNA into B'Elanna's body, because she needs it to survive.

B'Elanna didn't know how to feel, but she was more at peace with herself then she had ever been . She liked the feeling, but she felt incomplete.

They made quite a team, I told her. She'll spend the rest of her life fighting that dual heritage. I didn't know what to say, so I left her with her thoughts.

I'm hoping this will be a learning experience, that both parts can live in unity.

What is strange? When B'Elanna mentioned she was at peace with herself, I realized that I too was beginning to understand the true meaning of peace.

But where it was coming from, I couldn't say just yet.

**End Log**

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