NC-17 Stories

I decided to move my NC-17 stories to their own page. Not only to save space on the main fanfiction page, but to keep the "nasty little bits" separate.

"But for that little indiscretion, you will have to be punished. . ." Janeway, "Dark Desire"

NC-17 Stories

Dark Desire
47.5 kb ttl
A/U from "Living Witness" Janeway is into 'heavy punishment'
Evident Metamorphosis
44.2kb ttl
Chakotay's AOTW leads to some physical changes in Kathryn.
In the Still of the Night
52.7kb ttl
Kathryn asks Chakotay to show her how to love again.
Under Duress
12.4kb ttl
Sequel to "Under the Desk" Kathryn seeks revenge.

Dark Desire: Written (8/10 -8/14 98)
Evident Metamorphosis: Written (4/98 - 7/98)
In the Still of the Night: Written (7/98)
Under Duress: Written (01-19-99)

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