Evident Metamorphosis, con't. . .

Day Six

The final change to Kathryn Janeway wasn’t seen on the bridge. This time, the entire senior staff was witness to the final change on her list. All, with the exception of the captain, were seated in the briefing room for the morning meeting. B’Elanna, Tom, Harry and Seven talked quietly amongst themselves, while Tuvok, Chakotay, Doc and Neelix discussed the newest security procedures.

Chakotay kept sneaking glances at the door, expecting Kathryn to pass through them at any moment. He wasn’t exactly worried, it’s just Kathryn was never late. No late for duty, not late for meetings. The only thing that she ever managed to be late for, was her doctor appointments. This just wasn’t making sense to him.

He respected Kathryn beyond belief. The problem was, he just didn’t understand why, now, of all times, she was changing. It’s like the caterpillar that turns into the butterfly, but its deeper then that. He thought. But maybe it’s something much deeper then that. If only I could put my finger. . . He never finished the thought. All conversation in the room died, hanging unfinished and fragmented in the air.

In strode Kathryn Janeway. Her once short hair, the hair that had been the butt of many jokes since the beginning of the journey, was again in a familiar pony tail. It was clipped at the back of her neck. That wasn’t so much a big deal. Everyone had been shocked when Kathryn had cut off her hair.

No, it wasn’t because it was now back in a familiar style. Her hair was now a new color. The shiny vibrant auburn locks—were now blonde. Tuvok’s eyebrows had just became non-existent. Neelix began stuttering. Tom, B’Elanna and Harry’s jaws all dropped. Seven regarded her with curiosity. The doctor sat there smirking. Chakotay, well, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

"Sorry I’m late." Kathryn said, sliding into her place at the head of the table. She quickly got down to business and to their credit, her senior crew managed to keep their looks and thoughts to themselves.

"First off, I want to know the status on our supplies. How are they looking? Mr. Neelix?"

"Fine Captain. The yields in aeroponics is up and the food supplies are lasting much longer now that we’ve made modifications to the storage area."

"Good. B’Elanna, how’s the power supply."

"Above normal, Captain. The warp engines were working at 102% when I ran the diagnostic this morning before the meeting."

Kathryn nodded her head. "How is the problem with the shield modulation, Tuvok?"

"The shield modulation was off caliber, but I managed to get them repaired with the help of Mr. Kim and Seven."

"Crew analysis?"

"The crew seems to be doing well, Captain." Chakotay began. "I’ve done some rotating of duty shifts and there seems to be no out breaks of dissatisfaction. But I think it should be noted that everyone is looking forward to a little bit of shore leave." The staff chuckled at that one. The crew hadn’t had any shore leave it what seemed to be forever."

Kathryn looked around at her staff. All looked at her. She gave them all a smile. "Well, since everything seems to be going all right, I think we should all get back to work and make sure things keep running smoothly. Dismissed."

As the staff filed out, they were unusually quiet. Chakotay was almost to the doors when he heard Kathryn’s voice behind him.

"Chakotay, could you stay a moment, please?"


"BLONDE! I can't believe she bleached her hair!" Tom Paris exclaimed, getting into the lift with B'Elanna, Harry, Seven and Neelix.

"I can't either. What's going on?" Harry asked.

"Maybe she's been possessed by aliens." Neelix said.

"Perhaps she. . ." Seven began.

"Will you all shut UP!" B'Elanna said. "What the captain does to herself is no concern of ours. If she wants to let us know, she will, in her own good time."

The others looked at the engineer, as if she had went out of her mind. They'd all been curious, all had been speculating as to why all of a sudden, Captain Janeway was morphing before their eyes.

They each pondered in silence.


Kathryn circled around her seated first officer. Her hands were behind her back, her head bent in apparent thought.

"So?" She finally asked.

"What am I suppose to say, Kathryn?" Chakotay asked.

"That you like it, for starters." Kathryn said. Stopping to the side of him.

"Look, I liked the way the way you looked before. I don't understand all of these changes." He looked into her eyes, newly brightened and colored. "Are you sure you're Kathryn Janeway, captain of Voyager?"

Kathryn swung his chair around and had her arms on his shoulders before the words were completely out of his mouth. Her face was a few inches from his startled expression.

"Dear Chakotay. What part of Kathryn don't you like? Let's look at the facts, shall we. Number one, I'm not out of my mind. I wanted to do this. Me. I wasn't pressured into this by anyone." She stared into his eyes, not giving him a chance to look away.

"Secondly, I'm tired of watching you chase after any female not of this ship whose blonde and built."

"Name one." Chakotay said, knowing that she had his number. She'd circled him once before like this, when he'd brought Riley Frazier on board.

"Riley Frazier. And I'm willing to bet there was another, but that may only be in my dreams." Kathryn told him. He could feel her breath on his face. "You've chased me like some wild prey ever since we located the 37's. I held back because I was devoted and dedicated to my fiancee back on earth."

"Did you honestly think I was going to let you get away from me that easily, Kathryn? I'm not some monk or follower of Kolinahr."

"I know you're not. But every single time I came close to letting you in, you've blown it. When it comes right down to it, Chakotay. In this game of love, I'm the one who gets shafted."

Chakotay reached up and unfastened the clip on her ponytail, letting her now blonde locks free from constraint. She continued as he ran his fingers through the long again length.

"I'm tired of being the mouse, Chakotay. I'm tired of sitting in the background, waiting for some bright ray of enlightenment to cast itself upon me. Remember what I told you when I received my letter from Mark? That I had realized that I had been using him as a safety net; to avoid becoming involved with someone else? All it would have take was one word from you. . .just one word and we would have never made it to Neelix's party."

Chakotay was taken by surprise. Had she been that close? "Kathryn?" He began, but she put her fingers over his lips. "You said we have plenty of time. Well, Chakotay. The time is here, the time is now."

"Kathryn, this isn't like you."

"Shut up. The changes I've made not only include the physical, but also mental. I don't have a safety net anymore. Starfleet is 60,000 light years give or take, away. I have one hell of an attractive man as a first officer." Kathryn smoothed a hand down his face and cupped his chin between her long fingers. "I respect my first officer. I admire your beliefs. I fell in love with the whole package. You've become my safety net out here."

"You fell in. . ." Chakotay began putting his hands on her waist and pulling her into his lap.

"If you still want me, if you still feel the same way--I'm yours." Kathryn said. Chakotay put his hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to his. It was quick and full of passion. "I guess you've answered my question." Kathryn said, her eyes full of desire. "I love you."

"I love you." Chakotay said, pulling her into his embrace again.


Kathryn shifted her position in Chakotay's lap until she was straddling him. Their lips were locked together so tightly had anyone seen them, they'd swear the suction was equal to that of a quantum singularity. Their tongues tangled, fighting for supremacy.

Pushing away, Kathryn tried to get her breath back. "God, where did you learn that?" She asked as he attacked her neck with his lips and teeth.

"I don’t kiss and tell, Kathryn." He said against the pulse of her throat. Chakotay could feel her heart beating quickly. She was very much alive in his arms. His hands found the fasteners of her uniform, slowly opening the offending uniform.

Kathryn pushed him back, looking deeply in the eyes she had wanted. "No, not here." She said, her voice sultry yet choked by her passion.

"Where?" Chakotay said, unwilling to let this wait until later nor wanted too. Five years of waiting was almost unbearable.

"Arboretum." She said, getting to her feet and pulling him up to follow her. She straightened her uniform and pulled her hair back in the clip. Chakotay followed suit. Exiting the briefing room, she gave Tuvok orders that they would be working on crew evaluations and neither would were to be disturbed.

The ride down to the deck with the arboretum was filled with unanswered questions, unspeakable emotions and high tension. Kathryn studied the doors, trying not to let the second thoughts into her mind.

Chakotay’s thoughts were directed at the thought that Kathryn finally wanted him. She had done all of these changes for him, but it was still disturbing him. Why all the physical changes?

They entered the arboretum and a quiet order from Kathryn engaged the lock behind them. She turned to him, putting her hands against his chest. "Time to find out if blondes really do have more fun."

The clip was once again removed from her hair, letting it fall in soft waves around her shoulders and down her back. Kathryn’s eyes closed at the sensation.

"I like the red." Chakotay said, running his fingers through the strands. "Why change the color of your hair? I’ve always liked red heads."

"Change," Kathryn said, pulling at his uniform jacket. "It can always be dyed back. But I want to try it for a while."

"What about these?" Chakotay asked, cupping her now larger breasts in his hands.

"No refunds and no returns. Doc would kill me." She said, arching her neck back at the sensations his touch was sending through her.

"What about the eyes?" Chakotay said, opening her uniform and pulling it down to her waist.

"What about them?" She said, huskily, pulling the gray turtleneck over his head, revealing the bronzed chest she’d only glimpsed a few times. She ran her fingers over his pecs, down his abdomen.

"Where did you get the idea? They absolutely shine." Kathryn’s turtleneck was pulled off as well as her tank.

"I don’t know." She said, reaching behind her and unclasping the hooks of her bra and removing it. He cupped both of her breasts in his hands, feeling the weight, teasing the nipples. She sighed heavily, realizing how much she had been craving this. Every place of her being was awakening, feeling. Desires and temptations she thought long dead, were being awakened by his touch.

Pulling her against him, she felt the fire of his skin, warming her. He lowered his head to hers, meeting her lips in a fiery kiss. Again, their tongues met. Running her hands down his sides, she slipped her hands into the waistband of the uniform, pulling it down. Pulling away from him, she looked down and saw his obvious arousal.

"Happy to see me, commander?"

"What do you think?"

"Five years of foreplay is more then enough. I think it’s time you and I finally resolved this situation. . .preferably like this. . ." Kathryn removed the rest of her garments, standing gloriously nude in front of him. Her quick actions caused Chakotay to quickly remove the rest of his clothes.

He sank down onto the floor on his knees, taking a visual inventory of her. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, red pouting lips, pale skin, full breasts, little waist, curved hips. He beckoned to her to join him by a look in his eyes. She sat upon his thighs, feeling the evidence of his state pressed against her.

"When I do this, it is forever." Kathryn said, raising herself to feel him penetrating her slightly. He took a deep breath at the feel of her, wanting to relish every moment of this experience. She slid down until he had filled her completely. Kathryn closed her eyes and threw her head back, letting out a low moan from deep within her throat. Chakotay watched her, enthralled by the reactions that were evident on her face and over her body.

Kathryn began undulating slowly, savoring the feel of him within her. He ran his hands down her shoulders and down her spine. Leaving one hand on her back, he brought the other one to her breast, molding it, feeling the weight. He trailed kisses down her neck, across her collar bone, down to her breast, kissing all around it. Upon reaching her nipple, she scraped her nails along his back. "Oh, do you feel good."

"So do you." Chakotay said against her breast. "We got to move, Kathryn. No offense, but my legs are going to sleep."

"Then, by all means, move." Kathryn said, shifting slightly, allowing Chakotay to move her onto her back. She wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him deeper penetration. He relished the feeling of her, grasping him in ways he’d only fantasized, dreamed of. Kathryn arched against him, pressing her abdomen against his, feeling the burning of his skin above hers.

"Yes!" She said, breathing against his neck. His thrusts were kept to a steady rhythm; in, out, in, out. He’d barely pull out then slowly bury himself to the hilt again, rubbing against her most sensitive parts, allowing her to follow him to the paradise that they both seeked.

Kathryn was in heaven. Grass beneath her back, starlight giving the flowers and trees a glow, the man she loved, had done all this for, above her. She could feel the beginnings of her climax building. A low grade tingling in her stomach, reaching out to her extremities, inviting her along on a wild ride. Never had she been so thoroughly made love to, achieving with Chakotay what no other lover of hers had ever been able to do. Many times, she would end up finishing the job herself. He knows exactly how to make me feel alive. She thought, looking briefly up through the windows, watching the stars go by.

Chakotay could tell that she was close to her climax. Her inner muscles, long unaccustomed to making love, began hugging him, keeping him within her. His endurance was almost at a end. He had surprised himself by holding out this long, but he wanted Kathryn to be with him the whole way, all the way. His own climax was on it’s way, surging in his blood veins, his mind, heart and soul. There would only be one first time and he intended to make this an experience that neither would ever forget.

"Oh. . .Chakotay. . .I . . .can’t. . ." She gasped. Her heart pounded in her ears, her breath in short gasps, perspiration beading on her body.

"Don’t. Let it come naturally." He said, against the junction of her neck and shoulder. Kathryn began her rise, taking Chakotay with her, like she always had. As one, they reached the precipice and reached the high. He collapsed against her, holding her to him, wanting to enjoy the feeling as long as possible.

"Stay. Remain within me." She whispered, also not wanting the feeling to end. She loved the feel of him within her.

"Why did you change your mind?" He asked, looking into her eyes.

"Many things. I just wondered what it would be like, to be the center of attention, and not because I was the captain."

"You got a lot of peoples attention." He observed.

"Let me ask you a question." Kathryn said, kissing his lips tenderly.


"If I had come to you as I was, and had come onto you like I did in the briefing room, would you have done this with me?"

He studied her face, not wanting to believe that she was asking this question. "Of course I would. I was attracted—loved more then just the outside appearance. There is a lot more to Kathryn Janeway then just her physical appearance." A tear escaped her eye, slowly making it’s way toward her ear. He took a finger and wiped it away.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"Just do me a favor?"


"Go back to your own hair color. Most blondes I know are pushy and only use you for what they want."

Kathryn smirked. "Okay. We’ll get dressed, go back to my quarters, where you can help me dye my hair back. Then we’ll discuss whether or not blondes have more fun over breakfast in the morning."

"Yes, ma’am."


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