The Girl Next Door

Name: Mindy (nope, not short for anything).

Nicknames: Min, Mind, Minder, Minky, Minx, Munchkin, Sweet, yet Twisted Sister

Birth Date: October 27, 1972

Shares this day with: Theodore Roosevelt (US President), Simon LeBon (Duran Duran, '80's rock group) & Robert Picardo (of "China Beach" & "Star Trek Voyager")

Born in: Bremerton, Washington

Siblings: 2

Eyes: Green

Hair: Rather interesting...started off honey blonde/brown, turned red, then went to this nice shad of dark brown...however, the silver strands are starting to appear.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: None of your damn busines...oh, sorry..*sheepish grin* its being worked on!

Glasses, contacts, neither: Glasses

Favorite feature: Tie between my ears and my eyes (when they aren't hidden by glasses, that is)!

Graduated: Class of '91 from Olympic High School--home of the Trojans (enough with the condom jokes)

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Month: October

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Flower: Carnations, lilacs, roses, pansy

Favorite Tree: Blue Spruce, Sugar Maple

Favorite Bird: Titmouse & American Bald Eagle

Favorite Pet: Skye, our Australian Cattle Dog (aka, Tasmanian Devil Dog)

Favorite Book(s): "It" by Stephen King, "Flowers in the Attic" by V.C. Andrews, "Ghosts I Have Been" by Richard Peck,....too numerous to name

Favorite Music: All

Favorite Musical Artists: Mozart, Bach, Beatles, Abba, Elton John, Celine Dion, Lynard Skynard, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Bee Gee's and a bunch of 80's groups...too numerous to name.

Favorite TV show: Star Trek (original), followed by Mork and (ahem!) Mindy...and a bunch of shows from the 1970's.