Kathryn of the Thousand Days

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"Kathryn of the Thousand Days"

By Mindy

Kathryn walked down the corridor, her mind a million miles away. She was still in a state of some shock from Chakotayís liaison on the holodeck. She didnít know why she felt this way, nor did she *want* to know.

For that matter, she didnít really want to go and pay the doctor a visit for her yearly medical examination. However, being threatened by means of removal from duty had changed her mind quite quickly.

Kathryn entered sickbay and found the doctor, singing one of his operaís. If Kathryn wasnít mistaken, it was from "Carmen". Opera wasnít her forte, nor was she going to start worrying about it now.

"Ah, captain. How good of you to see my way of thinking." He said, patting the biobed. Kathryn climbed up on it and prepared for the usual lectures.

"Donít think that idle threat, had anything to do with why I came down here." Kathryn said, shaking her finger at him.

"Say what you will captain. Iím just the only one who can override your orders without threat of walking out an airlock." He began scanning the captain, making noises as he did so. Lots of Ďhmmsí and Ďahhís and Ďthis is normalí.

"Are you about finished?" She asked.

"Of course I am." He stepped back. "You may get up now." Kathryn sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

"Whatís the verdict?"

"Well, there is an improvement over last years exam. I still want you to eat more, lay off the coffee and get more rest. You have a competent crew. Delegate a little more. Make the first officer do some of the work."

Kathryn smiled. The image of her telling Chakotay that heíd be spending every shore leave in the company of Tuvok came to mind. So into her thoughts, she didnít hear the doctor.


"Iím sorry. What were you saying?"

The doctor looked at her and pursed his lips. "I asked if you were going to talent night."

Kathryn shook her head. "To be honest, I hadnít thought about it. Why? You want me to relax?"

"No, I wondered if you were participating?"

"I hadnít even considered it. I thought my first and last performance would be of the Ďdying swaní." Kathryn said.

"And what a marvelous performance it was, too. However, I wondered if you would be willing to do a scene from a play with me."

Kathryn looked at the doctor with what Chakotay had dubbed, her Ďsoulful eyesí. She didnít want to let down the doctor, but she just wasnít interested. "Doctor, I donít sing."

"Itís not an opera, captain. A play. A drama."

"If you donít mind me asking, why me?" Kathryn said, curious now.

"Well, to be frank, I think it would be good for you. Two, you have the voice to carry it off. You project well. If this scene were done properly, you could make a huge impact." He went into his office and came back, carrying a Padd. "You would be playing Englandís Queen, Anne Boleyn. I would be playing your husband, Henry the VIII."

"Wasnít she executed?" Kathryn said, scanning through the dialogue.

"Yes, but it made for some good drama."

Kathryn looked through the words. She smiled and looked back up to the doctor. "Doc, Iíd love to do this play with you. Meet me in holodeck 1 at 2200 hours. And," She leaned in for effect. "This is just between you and me. No one else is to know."

"Mr. Neelix does. Heís the one who insisted I participate." He said, rolling his eyes on the last word. "However, I can tell him itís me and a special guest. That way, he wouldnít be so nosy."

Kathryn smiled and left the doctor. Padd in hand, she went to the bridge.


Chakotay couldnít believe it. He knew Kathryn had been upset over his little affair on the holodeck, but this. . .this was unbelievable. At first, she had a Padd that she carried with her constantly, reading, looking up and murmuring. She would make notes, close her eyes after reading it. He followed her one day without her even knowing he was behind her. Her hands articulating.

He was sitting on the holodeck when he heard BíElanna, Tom, Seven and Harry talking.

". . .they were in there until 0230. The computer said they had been in there since 1800." Tom said.

"It is so unlike her. Spending that much time in the holodeck." Harry said.

"Considering it is the doctor whom she is spending the time with." Seven said.

"And her mind is never on her job. Have you noticed, sheís always carrying around this Padd with her. Like itís the sacred scribes of Vulcan." Tom said.

"And the doctor. Would you believe heís actually been somewhat decent? I asked him if he had messed with the holomatrix again. He said, "of course not". He was actually pleasant." BíElanna said, leaning in closer.

"Well, it wouldnít be the first time a captain and doctor got together." Harry said. "Captain April of the Enterprise was married to his CMO."

"And Iíve heard that Jean-luc Picard was involved with Beverly Crusher." Tom said.

"But that doesnít sound like Janeway." Harry said. "Sheís never seemed the type to get her thrills from a hologram."

"Yes, but how many holograms do you know that actually programmed himself sexual organs?" BíElanna said.

"What about that guy in her holonovels. . .Lord Burl, Oscar or something. She came out of there all hot and bothered once." Harry said.

"That was the time that we all got those images of people we knew. You know, the Bothans." BíElanna argued.

"Perhaps it is the only satisfaction Captain Janeway can have without it jeopardizing her command." Seven stated.

Chakotay had heard enough of that conversation. She rarely ate with him anymore since she began spending time with the doctor. He had walked into the holodeck one day, during the time Kathryn was in there with the doctor and hadnít seen anything, as he had walked into a hallway. More precisely, onto the stairs. He heard voices.

"You whore!" And heard the resounding echo of skin contacting against skin. That was all he wanted to knowóneeded to know. He took the report he wanted her to look at and left.

"Have your fun, Kathryn. As I learned, itís only a hollow pursuit." He said, leaving the holodeck. After that, he noticed the holodeck locked with Janewayís authorization firmly in place.


"Are you going to talent night?" Kathryn asked Chakotay as he stood in front of her desk. He had brought in some reports for her to go over.

"Are you asking me out?" Chakotay said, tilting his head and grinning at her.

"No, Iím going with the doctor, actually. I just wondered if you were going." Kathryn said, taking the Paddís from him.

"I guess so. I canít think of any reason not too." Chakotay said, hoping his disappointment at not going with Kathryn showed.

"See you there." She said, as Chakotay left. He was heartbroken. Kathryn only smiled. People were going to be surprised.


Chakotay sat in the back. He hadnít wanted Kathryn to see him. Or more precisely, hadnít wanted to see Kathryn with the doctor. He still couldnít believe it. What did she see in him?

"For our last act," Neelix began, clapping his hands together. "I invite you to step into the past. To a time where women were considered weak, men ruled over lands with iron grips and the smallest indiscretion could land your head on the block." Neelix looked behind the curtain, making sure everything was ready. "All right. I can see that our actors are ready. I now give you a scene from an ancient earth play, "Anne of the Thousand Days."

Applause followed the opening of the curtains. The stage had been set into an ancient room. Gray blocks of rock. On the table were candles at varying lengths, papers and other unknown articles. By the window, a woman stood. Sounds of construction could be heard coming from outside. Her hair down, dressed in black, the woman walked toward the table and sat down. Presently, she began to speak in a voice familiar, yet not.

"For six yearsóthis year, and this. . .and this. . .and this. . .I did not love him. And then I did. Then I was his." She looked at the table in front of her. "I can count the days I was his, in hundreds." She picked up a stick, one for each as she counted the days. "The days we bedded. Were married." Her voice then changed to wistful. "Were happy. Born Elizabeth." She picked up another stick, her face betraying her emotions. "Hated. Lusted." Her voice changed yet again, this time portraying sadness. "Born a dead child. Which condemned me." She finally picked up the last stick. "To death." She fanned the sticks out in her hand, looking at them carefully, as if they represented her life.

"In all, one thousand days. Just a thousand. Strange. And of those thousand, one, when we were both in love, only one, where our love met and overlapped and were both mine and his." She looked out into the darkness of the crowd. "When I no longer hated him. . .he began to hate me." She continued staring at the sticks. The sound of a key being inserted into a lock rang through the room. The loud clanging drowning out the sound of the construction.

"Iím not hungry." Kathryn said, not looking up. "Take the food and leave me."

"Nan," The doctor said. He was dressed in full regalia. Hat, brocaded jacket. Tights. He had even padded himself and garnished a beard. "Is it true?"

Kathryn laid the sticks down, decidedly in character. She sat back, her hands clenching at the arm rests. She projected her voice. "Have you stepped into your own trap, my lord? Any evidence you have against me, you yourself bought and paid for. Do you now begin to believe it?"

Doc began walking toward Kathryn. "Anne, Anne, the court is still in session, to decide your. . .verdict. I donít want to hear your guilt from them. I want to hear it from you, from your own lips."

"That I was unfaithful to you?" Kathryn said.

"Yes, just that. That you were unfaithful to me whilst I still loved you. Of course I should never know. Neither I should nor I should never know."

Kathryn leaned forward and to the side, looking at the doctor critically. "You came here to make sure there was truly adultery, because that would touch your manhood .. .or your pride. And even so, my heart. . .and my eyes. . .are glad of you. Fool, of all women that I am, are glad of your here." Kathryn sat back, her face smug. "Go then, keep your pride of manhood. You know about me now." She turned back toward her table.

"Anne, is it true. . .that youíre glad to see me?"

Kathryn looked up. "Yes, itís true."

Doc put both his hands on the table and leaned on them. "Then, Anne, letís do all gently for old times sake. I have no wish to harm you and your words have moved me deeply. I must be free to have a son. And that son must be free to rule England after I die."

Kathryn leaned toward him. "Why must you leave a king to follow you, Henry? Why not a queen?"

Doc pushed himself up to his full height. "This country has never been ruled by a queen and I know it never could be." Kathryn sat back, letting him have his little temper tantrum. "We can never have son now, God has spoken. I must have a son elsewhere. Anne, itís getting late. . .Iím not as young as I was."

Kathryn watched him with her eyes. "And what do you want of me?"

"Agree to annul the marriage and give up all rights. You shall go abroad and take Elizabeth with you. You will be well cared for." He half hissed, half pleaded the rest of his line. "Please set me free."

Kathryn looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "To marry Seymour and make our child a bastard? No! No, no." Her voice was adamant.

"Anne," Doc said quietly, his voice getting louder and more violent with each word of his lines. "Anne, you leave me no choice!"

Kathryn leaned forward again. Her face looked like she was getting utter pleasure from this little scenario. "I once told you that any child we had would not be a bastard. You promised marriage and the crown. Now, you try to dance out of your promise." Kathryn raised her voice a register. "Well, I wonít have it! We are man and wife together. King and queen. I keep that." She hissed the last word. "Take it from me the best you can!"

Doc looked at her with contempt. "You have decided. And so have I!" He spat out. He turned as if to leave the room. Kathryn talked to his back, making him stop before he reached the door to her cell.

" Before you go, perhaps you should hear one thing." She stood, pushing the chair back, the legs scraping across the concrete floor. "I lied to you. I said love you, but I led. I was untrue. Untrue with many."

"That is a lie." Doc said.

Kathryn prepared herself. Her adrenaline was pumping, as it did every time they had rehearsed the scene. She allowed her voice to build a slow hysteria. "It is true. I was unfaithful to you with all of them; with half your court. With soldiers of your guard. With grooms, with stable hands. Look for the rest of your life at every man that ever knew me and wonder if I didnít find him, a better man then you!" Kathryn finished with a flourish. Doc came toward her quickly. She stood proudly tall above him.

"You," He slapped her face between the words. Kathrynís head snapped back, but she wasnít fazed as he finished his line. "whore!"

She lowered her voice. "But Elizabeth was yours. Watch her as she grows. Sheís yours. Sheís a Tudor. Get yourself a son on that sweet, pale girl if you can and hope that it will live. But Elizabeth shall rule after you. Yes! Elizabeth! Child of Anne the whore and Henry the blood stained lecher shall be queen!"

Doc looked at Kathryn and leered. He practically spit out his final words. "You have asked for death and you shall have it!" He turned. Kathryn looked after him and stepped down, holding her skirt in both hands so as not to trip.

"So be it. Only what I take to my grave, you take to yours." Kathryn got up in his face. "And think of this Henry. Elizabeth shall be greater queen then any king of yours. She shall rule a greater England then you could have ever built. Yes! My Elizabeth shall be queen. And my blood, will have been well spent!"

Doc continued to look at Kathryn a moment, looking as if he wanted to say more. Instead, he turned on his heal, walked to the door, clanging it shut behind him. He turned the key in the lock and stalked up the stairs. Kathryn looked at him, her face scrunching up. She put her hands to her face and cried. The curtains lowered on the scene.

Within seconds, the holodeck was wild with applause and whistling. Neelix stepped back up and clapped with the rest.

"Wow!" He said. His enthusiasm as high as everyone elseís. "That was incredible. Letís bring out the two who did that incredible scene." He went behind the curtain and brought out the doctor and Kathryn. Doc bowed deeply while Kathryn performed a perfect curtsy. The ovation became louder.

Kathryn looked out, just in time to see Chakotay leave through the holodeck door. She felt her soul crumble as her face continued to smile at the adulation.


Kathryn walked back to her quarters. Still in her dress from the skit and carrying the wig in her hand. As she rounded the corner, she notices Chakotay leaning against the bulkhead outside her quarters.

"Commander." She said.

"Kathryn, Iím impressed." He said. "Your accent was flawless. You were perfect."

Kathryn brushed a stray piece of hair from her eyes. "Then why did you leave?"

Chakotay tapped in her code. "Because I knew youíd be coming back here. I knew you wouldnít be joining the festivities after the show."

"You know me too well."

"No, I donít." Chakotay said, following her into her quarters. "Iíve been. . . jealous."

"Jealous?" Kathryn asked, startled.

"Of the time you were spending with doc." She laughed. "You heard the rumors, didnít you?"

Kathryn continued laughing. "You, of all people, should know how little thought I put into rumors."

"I know. But still. . .then I entered the holodeck one day when I heard him call you a whore and slap you. I honestly thought youíd found another outlet." Chakotay said.

"Chakotay, really. The doctor and me. Thatís about as good as Seven and Tuvok." She looked at his confused expression. "Doc wanted someone who could project their voice, that had a command presence.. . ."

"I can project my voice, have a commanding presence." Chakotay said.

"I donít see you as Anne Boleyn." She put a hand on his chest. "Chakotay, he asked me if I would do it with him. Doc has never made any outlandish requests. Besides, I rather enjoyed it."

"It looks like you did."

"I did."

Chakotay smiled. "So, am I forgiven."

"I donít know what for, but I guess I can forgive you." She turned her back to him. "Could you undue these bindings. Theyíre cutting me off."

"My pleasure." He said. Chakotay unfastened the stays of her dress.

"Just think, Chakotay. In one more year, you can call me ĎKathryn of the thousand days.í"


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