Movie Vignettes

"Through Different Minds & Bodies"

By Mindy

X. Remembrance

*Captainís Personal Log: Supplemental:

We are continuing the mission weíve been on for the past six years. Back home to the alpha quadrant. Yet I canít help wondering about the one I leave behind. The one I finally began to understand and love. And I canít help wondering about the one growing within me. The doctor has kept this news confidential, with only the two of us knowing.

I hate the thought of leaving him behind, with only the coldness of space to keep him warm. But thatís the way he would have wanted it. He was an explorer. A voyager, if you will. And I will never regret the day I met him, the fights, the passion, the friendship.

Chakotay once told me, there are always possibilities. If there is a life after death, if his soul walks the earth of the spirit world, heíll wait for me and watch over me. I wonder. . .does he know. . .did he know? Chakotay always had somewhat of sixth sense about him.

For now, Iím dealing with it the best I can. I miss the warmth in the seat next to me and the looks weíd give each other at a sarcastic Paris remark. His ghost moves about me and with me.

Chakotay, I hope you know. I hope you see. You gave me the most precious gift, and I donít mean the watch. You gave me you. You gave me your life to carry within me. And Iíve decided. I will.

You gave me everything. I thank you for that Chakotay.

I thank you.

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