So, the little story behind this story is, what would the senior crew wish for in terms of New Year's Resolutions. I guess I'm allowed to speculate, because I just love this show and want to see my favorite "Magnificent Starship Nine" get the most out of the new year. Maybe I'll think of a few myself along the way.

DISCLAIMER: Paramount/Viacom, yeah, you are God. So, why bother with someone like me, who stands nothing gain monetary wise, except getting my ideas out and about.

News Years Resolutions.

By Mindy

December 31, 2372/January 1, 2373:

Kathryn Janeway

1. Stop drinking so much coffee. The slightest bit of deprivation leads my command crew to believe I'm in the grip of PMS.

2. Find more time to relax. Obviously.

3. Continue making sure Seven is integrated successfully into this collective.

4. Find a hairstyle that doesn't give me headaches nor gets badly mussed in the heat of battle.

5. Find time for some back rubs. . .and not from the doctor.

6. Avoid aggressive aliens. . .we're just trying to get home.

7. Quit destroying shuttlecraft. . .we don't have an endless supply.

8. To hell with protocol. . .I'm going to have sex with my first officer!!!!!

9. And while I'm at it, get in touch with my animal guide.

10. And throw away those picture of Mark. I don't need an audience for Resolution #8!!!


1. Work on piloting skills. Not enough shuttlecrafts left for me to destroy.

2. Help Neelix with his vision quests.

3. Quit getting brutalized: Mentally, physically and all other ways.

4. Take up an apprenticeship with Leonardo.

5. Finish my holographic version of New Earth.

6. Tickle fight Kathryn.

7. Hold Kathryn down and kiss her.

8. Fix the doors during the two aforementioned Resolutions so that we are stuck in either my or her quarters for no less then three days.

9. Define some parameters.

10. Destroy all leyola root.


1. Understand humans better.

2. Work on my annoyed look.

3. Maybe a half smile.

4. Continue to work with Seven.

5. Avoid Neelix's Ploo-meek soup, with leyola root.

6. Practice some Vulcan Martial Arts.

7. Watch some ancient movies entitiled "Police Acadamy"

8. Refrain from challenging B'Elanna Torres to any Bat'leh tournments.

9. Remember to knock before entering Tom Paris' quarters.

10. Look into the captains and commanders relationship.


1. Forget about that threshold thing with the captain.

2. Work on piloting to remain better then Chakotay.

3. Avoid Vulcans in Pon-Farr.

4. Have fun with Klingons in Pon-Far.

5. In a lift. . .

6. In a jefferies tube. . .

7. On the upperlevel engineering workstation. . .

8. In the captains ready room. . .(must make sure she's off duty)

9. In the mess hall. . .

10. Start the betting pools again. (Especially as to when the captain and commander are going to score.)


1. Remember, Libby is my finance on earth who is waiting for me.

2. Avoid holo-chicks.

3. Take more responsibility.

4. Become useful.

5. Forget the way Seven is built.

6. Actually practice my clarinet.

7. Quit getting picked on by alien cultures.


1. Forget the fantasies of Chakotay, he's after the captain.

2. Bite Tom's neck more.

3. Move into Tom's cabin.

4. Avoid Seven like the plague. . .don't trust her.

5. Avoid the doctor if he's been messing with his program.

6. Avoid the captain on caffeine deprivation.

7. Avoid Chakotay with captain deprivation.

8. Make out with Tom as much as possible, while keeping it under discretion.

9. Enjoy it!!!!!


1. Continue main function as Chef Extrodinaire.

2. Master Monster Hunter

3. Live life to the fullest.

4. Avoid Borg.

5. Give advise to Janeway.

6. Find more leyola root.

7. Go for being officer.


1. Better bedside manner.

2. Get a nurse that doesn't look like Paris.

3. Remember Kes' words of wisdom and continue to grow.

4. Holo-emiter, don't leave home with out it.

5. Ask the Captain about a rank.

6. Advise against the effects of leyola root on the gasteral intestinal area.

7. Let my hair down and party.

Seven of Nine

1. Learn to follow orders.

2. Maintain perfection.

3. Replicate some different colored clothing.

4. Broaden my taste buds.

5. Learn more about Human culture.

6. Avoid Harry Kim.

7. Keep stellar cartography spotless.

8. Attempt to smile.

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