Movie Vignettes

Out of all the series, if I had to pick one that Voyager most closest to in chemistry, it would have to be the Original series. Based solely on that notion, I decided to use various scenes from:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (TWOK)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (TSFS)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (TVH)

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (TFF)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (TUC)

I didn't use "Generations" or "First Contact" for the simple fact that they aren't the original and don't bring to mind certain Voyager situations. Most of the scenes will be a J/C nature, but there will be some others.

This is my first Vignette. Hope it turns out right.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all of this. Kirk and Co., Janeway and Co. I'm borrowing and promise to have both ships back before curfew.

"Through Different Minds & Bodies"

By Mindy

I. A Higher State of Consciousness


The light swirled. Pulsating white light rotating in brilliance. She stood in the light and looked up, seeing his face in the light. Instinctive, blinding. She was pulled into vortex, awaiting the final moment when she, he and all about them became one. One with the universe.

Then, the sound began, like two heartbeats beating out of rhythm, slowly, ever so slowly coming together. It was like the light. Growing in intensity. As the pulses neared closer and closer to being one, the light joined in the rapture. Spinning to the sound.

To the three observers, they couldn't see her anymore, nor him. Nothing but the light. The captain turned, knowing this was the end. Time to go back to Voyager, before the pocket of breathable air dissipated around them and sucked the life from their lungs. She pulled at the two figures with her, who, like her, were just as fascinated by the scene in front of them.

Finally, reason won. Janeway pulled Chakotay and the Doctor with her. They began running toward the hull of the Voyager, to the access area that would take them safely inside. Once inside, they went directly toward the bridge, forgetting the field jackets two of them wore. Janeway and Chakotay stepped down to the lower command level and watched as the entity exploded into millions upon billions of molecules.

Enough to allow Voyager to again fly free through space.

Janeway turned to Chakotay, wonderment swimming in her blue eyes. The puzzle had finally come together. "I wonder, did we just see the beginning of a new form of life out there?" She asked him. Chakotay, too, was mesmerized by what he had witnessed.

"Yes, Captain. We witnessed a birth-perhaps the next step in our evolution." He said. He thought of the metaphysical and all he had experienced in his vision and spirit quests. Maybe his own questions were close to being answered.

"It's been a long time since I helped deliver a baby," Doc chimed in. "I hope we gave this one a good start." The smug look that usually was on his face was there full force. He rocked on his heels, watching the forward view screen.

"I think we did." Janeway said, agreeing with Chakotay and Doc. "I think we gave it the ability to think freely. To feel emotions and understand." Her voice took on a sad tone. "I only wish it hadn't been at the expense of Kes and Jaben." She said, thinking of the lovely Ocampan who had been part of this trip since the beginning and Jaben, the young explorer they had rescued and who had become a pivotal part of the crew.

"How should I put them in the logs, Captain." Chakotay asked, sitting down in his usual seat. He brought up the command module that sat between his and Janeway's chairs.

"List them as missing, Chakotay. They aren't dead." She said, sitting down beside him.

Chakotay smiled and added the information into the official log. Paris turned in his chair to look at Janeway.

"Course heading, Captain?" Janeway leaned forward in her chair and gave the helmsman a crooked grin.

"Out there." Paris gave her a strange look. She raised an eyebrow in response. With a wave of her hand, she added, "Thataway." Janeway leaned back as the starfield in front of them, something they hadn't seen in hours, began streaking by as Paris accelerated into warp. She turned to Chakotay.

"The human adventure is just beginning."

And Voyager reached for the stars.

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