Keeping the Magic

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Keeping the Magic

By Mindy

He sat at the bar, quietly nursing a drink. To anyone looking at him, he was a lonely soul. Nice hotel, good food, lots of company, if he’d have it. Yet he remained alone. His brown eyes searched the room, looking, never staying on a single person for long.

"Rough flight?" The bartender asked. He gave the man a friendly smile and was rewarded with one of his own.

"Yeah. Hit some rough space about three parsecs from here. Threw us around quite a bit." He took another drink. "Can I have another?" He asked. As the bartender got him another, he continued his story. "Injured a few. Nothing serious. Nothing our good ‘ole doc couldn’t handle. But my wife. . ."

"Thought you said nothing serious." The bartender said, sliding the drink on a napkin to the man. He looked up and gave quick nod with his head.

"No. Just threw her for a loop. Just one thing after another. Decided to let me have the fun tonight."

"Well," The bartender said, looking around at the single women, "you can have a lot of that here."

"What?" The man said.

"Fun. Lonely husband, wife away. Hey, play while the playing’s good." The bartender gave the man a wink and went to the other end where other customers were waiting.

The man continued to drink quietly and watch the people. While he was watching the action at the other end of the room, he barely registered the arrival of another person on the barstool beside him. He turned and he knew exactly what the rest of the evening would entail.

Her profile gave her a superior look. Her nose tipped up delicately. He could tell she was a lady, first and foremost. He looked at the hair, the color of walnuts. Natural color with a natural blush on her cheeks. He looked at the rest of the package. Black dress that dipped down suggestively in the back. The sides were cut as to give a brief glimpse of side cleavage.

Even though she was sitting, he could tell that the dress clung to her every curve. Black stockings and pumps added to the look.

She procured a cigarette from her hand bag and looked around. She turned to the man. "Pardon, do you have a light?" She asked. He reached over for a book of matches lying on the bar and ripped one from the paper, striking it and allowing her to light up. He shook it out when she was finished.

"You know, smoking isn’t very good for you." He said, running his finger along the rim of the glass.

She pointed with her cigarette. "Drinking isn’t too great for you either." She said, then smiled. He immediately liked her smile. "So," She exhaled a breath. "you here for business or pleasure?"

"I’m on my way to a meeting. Layover."

"So, business." She looked at his hands and noticed a band of gold around one. "Married?"

"Yes. My wife heads the company I work for. I’m a part time pilot."

"You fly? So does my husband." He noticed it then, the gold band around her finger.

"I don’t very often. I usually let someone else take the helm." He smiled at her.

"I know. My husband is in a meeting right now. I hate taking business trips with him. I sit around, all bored, while he plays hardball with bigwigs." She nudged him with her elbow.

"Well, I wouldn’t mind so much if my wife weren’t so cold. She rules with an iron glove and has no room for anything extra."

The woman took another drag on her cigarette and looked at him. "She always treat you like yesterday’s news. Good for only a good twist between the sheets then she holds you at arms length. She won’t allow you to love her, but she won’t allow you to love anyone else either." She turned to him and ran a manicured nail down his leg. "Ever have an affair?" She boldly asked.

"No. I love my wife."

"Sure you do. So, how come you’re sitting in a hotel bar, looking over the ladies as if you were picking out your own birthday present?"

"I was not."

"Give me some credit, will you. I’ve been watching you for quite sometime."

He looked at her and fell into her blue eyes. No, he’d never cheated on his wife, but this woman, this woman held all the passion that his wife had.

"I can’t." He stated.

She squeezed his knee. "No strings, no questions. Just two bodies who need to feel warmth."

"No strings?" He asked.

"None. We share the night. I dress and leave you and all will be the same in the morning."

No words were spoken as they exited the bar and went up to his room.


They were barely inside the door. She turned to him and pressed him against the wall with her body. He was amazed by her strength. Her mouth, glued to his, investigating and tasting. Her hands ripped open the front of his shirt, exposing his broad chest to her. Leaving his mouth, she assaulted his neck, nipping her way down his body to the waist band of his pants. He leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes as she unfastened his pants and discovered his arousal.

"God," he whispered. He pulled her back up and pulled down her dress, revealing her firm breasts, already flushed with desire. With the eagerness she had displayed earlier, he attacked them, making her throw her own head back in desire. He pushed her against the wall, unwilling to lose the gold mine he’d found within her. His hands pushed the dress the rest of the way to the down, where she shimmied her hips to allow the garment to leave her body. He ran his hands down the side of her body, bringing down also, the lacy panties she wore. Out of them, he hoisted her by the waist and pressed her against the wall fully. Her legs went around his waist as he slid easily into her.

That was the first round. The second, had them only a little further inside the room. The third, the bathroom sink, then the shower, then finally, they ended up in the bed. They both fell into exhausted sleep, curled around each other.

In the morning, he awoke to find her dressing. He gazed appreciatively at the back view of the woman. He crawled across the bed and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back on the bed. Leaning over her, he brushed away the hair on her forehead.

"That, Kathryn, was incredible." She smiled and reached up to trace his tattoo.

"I know. Same here. Who would have thought that pretending to be strangers, could result in the best sex we’ve had in ages?" Kathryn said, pulling his mouth down to hers for a gentle kiss.

"Well, sex with you is always great." Kathryn smiled at her husband. "Yet this was definitely a new experience."

"When you suggested this, I admit, I had my reservations. But the more we got into it, the more intriguing it became."

"I admit, you almost got me with the dress. Where did you find it?" Chakotay asked.

"B’Elanna, actually. She had been going through her closet one day while I was there and she pulled this dress out. Told me it didn’t fit her anymore and that I should try it."

"I’d say it works." He said.

Kathryn pulled him, so he lay completely against her. "I’ll do anything, to keep the magic of this marriage going."

"Good. What’s it going to be next month?" Chakotay asked, pulling away from her and getting dressed.

"Well, the hotel scenario was my idea. So I think next month, it should be your idea."

"How about the Ceti Alpha spa’s. I heard the sauna’s are to die for." Chakotay said, pulling his shirt on and buttoning the few remaining buttons that Kathryn had left.

"Sure. Unless you can find something more erotic before then." Kathryn said. She looked around the room. "Computer, end program and release security lock out."

Before the doors opened in front of them, Chakotay pulled her to him. "Nothing like a monthly excursion to keep the magic alive."

"Nothing." Kathryn agreed as they left the holodeck.


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