Lines on the Page

"Lines On The Page"

By Mindy

In the low light of the room, voices could be heard. Building like waves of an ocean. Little bits, intensity growing. Back off, increase.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me! You arrogant, self-serving, son of a. . ." The resonating sound of a palm of a hand slapping a face was heard.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that!" a male voice said, a change from the usual quiet voice the man was usually heard talking in.

"Hit me again and I'll make sure you're put away. Thrown into a dark cell with only the rats to keep you company," a throaty female voice echoed. She balled up her fists and put them on her hips, blowing a stray piece of hair out of her eyes. An angry red imprint made it's mark on her pale skin.

"You and who else? You may sound tough, you may act tough, but deep down, you can't even stand up for yourself." The man paced back over and stood directly in front woman, staring hard into her eyes. If it had been fire, she'd have been burned clear through.

She put her hands against his chest and pushed with all her might, not wanting him near her, touching her, nothing. He stumbled back. Fuming he turned his back to her. His hands shook with anger.

"You are the stubbornest, most irritating woman it has ever been my misfortune to meet," he said. From behind she started giggling, a stark difference to her behavior a few minutes before.

"I'm stubborn? I'm irritating? Misfortune of meeting. Hah! That's rich. You didn't think so when you found out the power I had and the money. All talk and no guts. You make me sick! Get out of my room, out of my life, out of my thoughts! Out, out, OUT!" she screamed at him. She turned around away from him. In an instant, she found herself being dragged around roughly by her upper arms and in his face again.

"Watch yourself, madam. You reveal too much of yourself."

"I reveal nothing."

It was the mans turn to laugh. "That, dear, is an understatement. You reveal nothing because you're cold. You're frigid. No wonder no one likes you, no wonder no man has crossed that icy exterior. You're an iceberg, half submerged with your own petty ideals and thoughts. Manners, gentleness, love, are all lost on you."

"Is this some lame ass lecture to get me into bed?"

"Don't flatter yourself."

She pulled against his grip, which became if anything, tighter. "Let me go!"

"No. Not until you hear me out."

"I don't want to hear you, I just want you out," she seethed, her teeth clenched tightly together. It made the man wonder if her jaws would remain locked like that.

"No, not until you reveal the truth."

"What truth? That I want you? Never. You'll never hear the benefits of hearing a confession with like that." She finally managed to escape his clutch. She stalked over to the other side of the room where she opened a drawer.

"I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last damn man on Earth!" And with that she turned around with revolver and pulled the trigger.

The lights faded to nothing in the room. Silence so loud within the confined walls. A shuddering sob was heard.

"I never wanted to hurt you. I loved you."


The applause was thunderous. Everyone stood, giving the players of talent night a big hand. Neelix brought each act out on stage. But by far, the biggest amount of cheering came from the last act. A three act, two person play.

"And last but certainly not least, the wonderful play, "Power of Industry" was performed beautifully by our command officers. Let's give another warm round of applause to Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay." Neelix reached between the curtain and took two hands, pulling the commanding officers out on stage.

After bows, the two retreated behind the curtain. They were alone.

"I wished there was a way to hit you that didn't require my actually hitting you," Chakotay said.

"Don't worry about it. I won't feel it for a long time. That scene alone gets your adrenaline pumping so hard."

"But still."

"Don't worry about it, Chakotay. At least you didn't cold cock me like you did when we first rehearsed it."

"Are you going to hold that against me?" Chakotay asked.

"Well, it wouldn't keep me from having sex with you if you were the last damn man on the Earth, if that's what you're wondering."

Kathryn gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then disappeared. Chakotay merely looked after her, wondering if he'd just heard what he thought he had.

He decided he had.


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