Glacier Peak

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Voyager and the characters. Earth owns Glacier Peak, a dormant volcano here in the Evergreen State, graciously on permanent loan. Respect the mountain and perhaps it will not awaken, (in either case).

The members of JetC15 begged, even chanted for a sequel. Sequel to "Cascades".

"Glacier Peak"

By Mindy

She turned in the water, back arched, leg cocked, hands smoothing back her hair. Eyes closed in quiet repose. Water running over pale skin, nipples hardening beneath the cold torrents and soft breeze. As he watched, she turned to him, momentarily crossing an arm over her breasts and one hand covering the area between her legs. His breath caught, as her blue eyes fastened on his brown. Slowly, she removed her arms, letting him gaze upon her beauty.

"Care to join me?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow and smiling.

"I'd love to," he said. As he moved toward her, he stripped off his own uniform, wading through the water naked, toward the flat rock where she stood waiting. He pushed himself up and walked over to where she was.

He stepped into the waterfall, falling behind her. He took her slender shoulders and pulled her back against him. Running his hands down her arms, he clasped her hands, bringing her arms up to encircle herself, then turning her in his arms. Staring into her eyes, he leaned closer, eagerly anticipating the first time his lips would touch hers.

Closer, eyes closing, heads tilting, breath mingling, water falling around them. Closer, closer. . .


Chakotay's eyes snapped open and he quickly got his bearing's. He had come back down to the planet to meditate and contact his spirit guide. But, like everyone else, he too had been taken by the beauty of the planet. In fact, on his second trip to the surface, he had beamed to an area where no other members of the crew had gone. It was half-way up a mountain, and quite without waterfalls.

"I can't believe she said that," Chakotay said, aloud to himself. He had stared after her, dumbfounded by the way she had said what she did.

"It was nice," he had said.

"Yes it was. However, next time, it would be nicer if you joined me instead of watching." And Kathryn stepped from the lift.

As he watched the sky now, he knew how she knew he was there. The tricorder. That was the only way she could have known. But why say anything? He was going to take the memory and stow it away with all his other memories of Kathryn.

Since meditating wasn't working for him, Chakotay decided to do some exploring. Looking around, he decided his best course of action was to go up. Up to see the enticing glaciers above him.


Kathryn had waited until he began moving again, to continue following him. She knew she had made a bold move, removing her suit and standing nude under the waterfall. Her tricorder had registered him as being there and for all intents and purposes, she had never meant to do that where he could see her. But the temptation had been too great to pass up. She had always wondered what it would be like to stand naked under a waterfall, totally oblivious to the world around her.

Subconsciously, she had wanted it, had wanted him to come to her in the waterfall, join her, enjoy the sensation. But Kathryn knew he wouldn't, being the consummate gentleman that he was. He would quietly leave her to her desire and file it away in his memory. Just as he had the incident with her towel on New Earth.

Slowly, she started trailing him. Kathryn knew that soon he would come across the hot springs in the ice cave.


Chakotay had reached a level now where the air had a distinctive coolness about it. The view from up here was amazing. He could even see the area in which he had witnessed nature at its most beautiful.

"Damn," he muttered, again seeing Kathryn's body, gloriously nude and pale, against the back drop of the rocks. He could still visualize the way her back arched, the way her breasts looked as she raised her arms and hands up to her head and glossed back her hair. How her leg looked, cocked upon a stone, still giving her an air of mystery; not revealing all her secrets to the shrouded onlooker who had loved her for many years.

Yet, all thoughts abandoned him when he looked up and not fifty yards away, saw a cave. Pulling his tricorder from his waist, he scanned inside. For all intents and purposes, it was relatively safe. He decided to chance it and went inside.

Once inside, Chakotay couldn't believe the sight in front - all around him. While the cave was mainly stone, there was ice. Spiraling, coating, reflecting all around him. Some of it was so clear, that he could see himself, almost as well as he could if he were looking in a mirror. Chakotay wandered further inside, noting the natural beauty of a place that seemed almost entirely like the Garden of Eden. If it weren't for the fact that they were going home, Chakotay would claim this mountain as his and live out the rest of his days.

The further he went, the more he loved it here. And when he ran across a natural spring, he knew he found his own salvation.


Kathryn entered the mouth of the cave and saw imprints of Chakotay's boots on the soft floor. She had found it hours after her swim and had enjoyed another private moment in the nude. This place was absolutely spoiling her.

She hoped he would take advantage of the warm pool, further inside. If he did, he was in for a surprise.


Chakotay, satisfied with the readings that the tricorder had given him, decided to indulge. Just this once. He removed his clothing, folding and stacking it neatly nearby. The spring was close to a natural heated pool, not overly deep at about three foot at the deepest. Steam rose off it and it was incredibly warm and satisfying. He sank his body down, coming to rest on a natural seat. Covered to mid chest, Chakotay put his head back, closed his eyes and wished away the time.


She walked carefully, quietly. From her perspective, he wasn't in this world. Perhaps asleep. She quickly shed her clothing and walked to the edge of the pool, sliding in on the opposite side of Chakotay and moving quietly through the water to where he sat.

Temptation was too great and Kathryn was, as always, up for the challenge.


He'd been dreaming of Kathryn again. Her soft skin, her voice soft in his ears. Cool water falling over them as they gave into their desire...

It was so real, the feel of her against him.

Then he opened his eyes. Something was different. Bringing his head back up straight, his eyes met levelly with a stunning pair of blue eyes. Kathryn floated above him, hands squarely on his shoulders, breasts pressed flat against his chest. Bringing her knees forward, she sat straddled his hips, then slowly sank down upon him. She threw back her head with a breathy sigh, then looked again at him. Her actions finally registering on Chakotay's face.

"Don't look so surprised," she said, rotating her hips in a slow circle. "I'm not you, I can't pass up an opportunity when I see one." She place a quick kiss on his open lips. "Besides, you'd enjoy it more if you had some company."


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