Disclaimer: They turned Kes into a vindictive old hag…well, I intend to redirect that Fury to the one who really deserves it. evil cackling Slight spoilers for “Fury”..

"Redirected Fury"

By Mindy

“. . .Ocampan?” Janeway shot Chakotay a look that said plainly, ‘surely you’re kidding?’

“We’re being hailed,” Tuvok said, glancing up from his console.

On the screen, a gray-haired woman appeared—drawn, haggard, looking as if she’d been out too long, seen too much and had the experiences of a life time. She drew compassionate looks from those around her.

“Kes. . .” Janeway uttered. The older woman gave a fleeting smile.

“Captain Janeway, I need your help. May I come aboard?”

“Kes, what is it?”

“May I come aboard?” Kes insisted, as not hearing what her former captain had said.

“Of course,” Janeway said, then directed her next comments over her shoulder to Harry. “Prepare the shuttle bay.”

“Captain,” Tuvok said, his voice almost tinged with a Vulcan inflection of urgency, “she’s accelerated, on a collision course!”

“Get a tractor beam on her,” Chakotay barked, covering the area behind Paris’ chair and his in two long strides.

The ship convulsed with the imbedding of the ship. Janeway brushed her hair back quickly from her eyes.

“Captain, I detected transport just before the collision.”

“Janeway to Kes. . .,” no answer, “Janeway to Kes.”

The ship was rocked by violent convulsions. The crew rocked on their feet, in their chairs.

“Captain, the bulkhead are being blown out in deck eleven. Section 9. . .10. . .11. . .”

“Kes is going through there!” Harry said, looking up quickly.

“Put up force fields!”

“It’s not good, she’s going right through them,” Harry said, grim determination on his brow.

“Janeway to crew, evacuate deck 11, report, evacuate deck 11.”

She then rose, holding onto the railing as she moved to the upper level. “Commander, the bridge is yours, Tuvok, you are with me.”

Tuvok joined his captain and the door closed behind them.


“. . .you heard the captain, MOVE!” Torres said, grabbing people and wheeling them toward the exit and pushing non-too nicely.

“The bulkheads are being blow from the inside out. I know of no phenomenon that would cause such damage,” Seven said, reading the instruments.

Torres moved to the console, looking quickly. “Not since. . .”

The doors to engineering opened and no sound except the pulse of the warp core came. Torres and Seven moved into the center area and Torres mouth dropped open at the sight before her.


Seven pulled her phaser, pointing it at the Ocampan. “State your intentions,” Seven said.

Kes lowered her chin and looked at the two, pushing them aside as she approached the blue swirling cylinder.

“Kes! Get away from the core!” Torres yelled.

Kes turned to level her gaze on Torres, but stopped when movement came from behind Torres.

A younger version of herself appeared, smiling warmly, youth and empathy coming from wise-beyond-their-years eyes.

The younger Kes stopped beside B’Elanna. “You don’t want to do this. You aren’t a vindictive, angry woman. You came here of your own free will, to explore and break open every thing in the galaxy. You wanted to see new places and you wanted to join this journey.”

The older Kes watched the younger self, cocking her head to the side.

“Remember who you are, then you will remember who I am. These people are and were your friends. They never abandoned you; you left of your own free will, because you thought you had become a danger to them.”

A voice beyond that of the woman came, making the older version wheel around. “Sounds like pretty good words of wisdom. Kes. Use them, listen to them.”

Seven and Torres moved back toward Janeway and Tuvok and Kes looked at them, appraising each member.

“I remember. I remember how you saved me from the Kazon, and how you allowed Neelix and I to share in your journey.” Kes smiled, then looked at Seven. “It was you who did this to me.”

Seven pulled her phaser once more, then took a step away from her colleagues. “I had nothing to do with your departure.”

Kes lowered her gaze and the phaser went flying from Seven’s hand. “Your kind opened up fluidic space…because this universe wasn’t enough for you. You put me in contact with Species 8472. You made me leave before I was ready.”

“You are mistaken. Your statement if flawed.”

Kes stalked toward her. “But you did. You were part of it.” Moving around her, Kes appraised the statuesque woman. “You, in your tight suit and arrogant manner.”

She stood back and lowered her gaze, a bolt shooting from her and into the Borg, who fizzled and convulsed, crumpling to the floor in a heap.

“Kes,” Janeway muttered. “You killed Seven.”

Years seemed to peel away from the woman. She smiled. “I came here seeking revenge on you, for filling my head with notions of exploration and science and journey. But I realized if the Borg hadn’t been so gung-ho about perfection, I would have never evolved and I would still be here amongst friends…and I would be home.”

Torres smirked, looking at the remnants of the blue clad Borg, still convulsing on the floor. “Well, now maybe I can be the chief engineer again.”

“I redirected my fury toward the wrong person, Captain. I hope you can forgive me.”

Janeway pursed her lips, considering what she’d just seen. “Well, now maybe I can get some lines again.”

Torres nodded. “Me too. And I have all say over engineering matters.”

Kes smiled. “Glad to be back. Now, do you think I can go work for the doctor again…and does he have hair yet?”


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