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"Except Monday"

By Mindy

Neelix's party had been very nice-- very appropriate. Kathryn had been right. Leave it to Neelix to do the right thing at the right time. With her first officer, Kathryn had actually enjoyed herself. Everything that had happened the past few days seemed far removed. Mark was gone. Her safety net was no longer there. But she knew, in the door that was just opening in the back of her mind, that there was another that wouldn't let her fall. That-- that pressence would be there for eternity.

Chakotay had escorted her back to her quarters after the party, telling her to lay off the coffee until morning and get some sleep. She had smiled at him, in her silent thank you and watched as he disappeared around the corner of the corridor. 'What did I ever do to deserve such a caring and supportive first officer and friend?'

No net. Just a promise to stand by her side until this journey was over. Simple and never spoken of openly.

She keyed the pad beside her door and entered. She went to her desk and opened the drawer and pulled out the picture that she had long ago put away. She hadn't expected him to wait forever, and had even admitted it to Chakotay. They all eventually needed to get on with their lives. Whether the people were in the Alpha or Delta Quadrants.

No net.

"Computer, list all songs dealing with break-ups."

"Please define parameters." The monotone voice uttered.

'Define parameters? Now where have I heard that one before?' Kathryn thought, with a hint of amusement. A ancient legend that was anything but, a forging of kindred friendship, one with perfect understanding, with guidance and trust. It had withstood the Borg, the evolving of Kes, everything.

"20th Century."

"Please narrow topic."

Kathryn sighed. What was that song Kes had found after Tieren had hijacked her body? Something about Mondays? She had broken up with Neelix.

"Computer, locate all topics of breaking up, from database of Kes-omega 1."

"Currently one song fitting category."

Bingo! "Computer, please download music and lyrics to Janeway Alpha 2. Music database."

"Download done."

"Computer, begin playback." Getting herself a drink of Cognac, feeling she deserved it after the past three days, she sat back on her sofa, listening to the song. Kicking off her boots she ordered the computer to play it on continuous playback.

Stripping off her uniform, she got herself ready for bed. By then, the song was deeply embedded in her head.

"Computer, play song without vocalization this time." Entering her bedroom, she knew that she was about to feel a whole hell of a lot better. Unknown to her, her voice began filtering through the wall to her first officers quarters.

Chakotay leaned nonchalantly against the wall, his arms crossed across his chest, listening for sobbing, anything that would indicate what Kathryn was feeling. She said fine, but he knew she was far from that. Then he heard the singing, in the unmistakable voice of his captain, begin filtering through the wall of their adjoining cabins.

You look surprised
You didn't think you'd see me
Kicking up my heels
Painting up this town
When you said good bye
I learned a couple new dances
I cast a couple glances
I'm on a big roll now
Except for Monday, which was never good anyway
Tuesday, I get a little sideways
Wednesday, I feel better just for spite
Thursday and Friday take too long
Before I know it, Saturday's gone
But it's Sunday now and you can bet that I'm alright.
Don't get me wrong
It wasn't always this easy
Getting over you
Got a little rough on me
Didn't take too long
Till I got it together
And everyday I thank my lucky stars you set me free.

Chakotay grinned wildly as he listened to her warble through the chorus a couple more times, then begin the process again. No safety net. Just two arms to catch her now.

Chakotay knew she'd be alright now.

Kathryn awoke the next morning, feeling surprisingly good. 60,000 light years didn't seem so far from home. She had friends, she had. . .family. She was set free. And like Mark, Kathryn Janeway was going to get on with her life.

Chakotay awoke the next morning with that song going through his head. He groaned as he got a cup of coffee.

No net, but that wasn't going to stop him from doing the same thing to her when he found a song that could do the same amount of tormenting. A couple came to mind immediately. He smiled in quiet contemplation.

No Net.

Just two arms to catch her.


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