Disclaimer: Yeah, Paramount owns Voyager. I wish I did, then I could do with these characters what they won't...sorry. This song is part of my delusional mind as much as I wish it were mine, it was written by the BeeGees and sung by Kenny Rogers. No disrespect intended. I just like playing in the delta quadrant for lack of something better to do in the alpha. Kudos to every pirate movie ever made.

"Buried Treasure"

By Mindy

"So, are you going to do it?" Captain Kathryn Janeway asked.

"Do what?" Commander Chakotay replied in question, knowing full well what she was asking about.

"Neelix's talent night. I told you I'm not doing another performance of the 'dying swan' until certain other members of this crew have had their turn."

Chakotay sighed and smiled. "And as I recall, I said, 'I don't think so'."

"Oh come on. I won't let you miss the apple if you want to phaser it off," Janeway said, grinning.

"Nope. No way can you persuade me to do anything that night." He rubbed his ear, a move he did unconsciously. "Besides, I'm on the bridge during the show."

"I can fix that."

"No, I plan on keeping Tuvok busy for Neelix, as per your request." Chakotay said, rising from the chair. He walked toward the door and stopped just before he reached it. "Besides, you don't need a treasure to enjoy yourself." He stopped and thought a moment. "Make you a deal, Kathryn."

"What?" she said, getting up and coming around the edge of her desk and coming to stand right in front of him.

"If you quit wheedling me, I'll perform." Chakotay stuck his hand out, confirming the deal.

"You're on. And you can't get out of it."

"Fine," he said and left. Janeway smiled in self satisfaction. One way or the other, she was going to see her first officer perform. Surely he had some hidden talent. If she could dance in front of the crew, he could do something.


Three Days Later

Kathryn Janeway gave a hearty applause to Ensign Samantha Wildman, who had done a ventriloquist number with her young daughter Naomi. As the curtain closed, Neelix came back on stage and addressed the audience.

"For our closing number, I fear we had to take on some pirates." The audience laughed. "Our illustrious senior bridge crew, along with some other members have put this one together. I have been watching them rehearse, and let me tell you," Neelix leaned toward the audience like it was a big secret he was revealing, "this is a really great number."

He stood up straight. "So, without further ado, here is a rogue band of pirates and their buried treasure."

Before the curtain went up, Kathryn remembered something Chakotay had said about 'needing a treasure to enjoy yourself'. She dismissed the notion, noting that Chakotay was on the bridge.

The curtain rose, revealing what looked like a cave, with fires burning in lanterns. It threw shadows around. Kathryn strained to hear the voices that rose from behind of the set. B'Elanna, sitting next to her, also did the same thing. She knew Tom was in this, but he hadn't revealed any of the details to her.

Lieutenant Carey appeared, wearing slightly ripped clothing, looking worse for the wear. Behind him, Harry and Ayala came in, dragging some kind of chest that looked too heavy for either of them.

Tom came around behind them, leading some holographic looking pirates, carrying shovels and digging supplies. All were dressed for the part. Holodoc emerged a moment later with a peg leg, parrot on is shoulder and a patch over his eye. Very authentic, according to the historical database.

"Okay, lets get this going before the captain comes to see how we're doing."

"But sir," Harry said, looking at the floor of the cave and spreading his hands. "He's so enamored with the lady, that he couldn't possibly know if we had this done or not."

Tom stepped up to Harry and looked him directly in the eye. "Are you disobeying the captains first mate?"

"No sir, but this would go easier if we had some music."

"Music?" a voice off in the distance said. One Kathryn knew well. 'Oh my', she thought to herself.

She wasn't disappointed. A looming figure stepped from the shadows, his bronze skin darkened by fire. A three point hat was perched on his head. his shirt was full in the arms and fit snugly at the wrists and laced up the front with a leather strand. The shirt was covered by a black vest and tucked into brown pants that came to right below his knees and boots came up to the buttoned leg. A purple sash was tied around his waist.

"What's this I hear about not burying my treasure?" Chakotay said, his hands on his hips.

"No music to dig too, captain sir," Harry said.

"Well, then I suppose we'll just have to have some," Chakotay said, and picked up a shovel and tossed it to Harry. In the distance, some music began playing. Chakotay began to sing, much to Kathryn's surprise.

Now if the aim in your life was to settle me down,
I couldn't change my point of view.
I got a lady in red at the back of my head,
But the woman in white is you."

"Do you want to the only one?
Fade away in the morning sun.
I could love you all of my life,
If you were my wife,
Haven't I let you know?"

All the men digging took up the chorus to the song along with Chakotay.

"We don't need no buried treasure,
No buried treasure, we don't need it.
We don't stand on ceremony,
But life is phony in spite of it.
You can never be all you want to be,
When you're searching for gold.
We don't need no buried treasure,
I still got you (still got you, still got you)
I still got you in my soul.

Paris took up the next verse, directing it toward Chakotay.

"Well, it's a long way down and you gotta get up,
You gotta figure out a master plan.
You couldn't do it if you don't get ready,
You'll be beaten by the other man.

Chakotay took up the verse again.

"Do you wanna be the last one in?
With a game that you just don't win.
I could see me making you cry,
Saying goodbye,
But I can never let you go."

All the men started singing the chorus again. Kathryn felt her face flush hot, knowing full well where and who the words were directed to. But she liked it. Chakotay took it up again, walking around, observing the burying of the chest.

"When you're taking my life in the palm of your hand,
Make you mine for another day.
And nobody doesn't need anybody,
When the good times turn away."

Chakotay looked toward her and winked, then continued.

"I don't want to be the only one,
Fade away in the evening sun.
I could love you all of my life,
If you were my wife,
Haven't I told you so?"

The pirates joined into the chorus for a repeat of the lively lyrics. Members of the crew had as well joined in.

A standing ovation followed the men, who came back on stage after the curtains had closed and gave deep bows. Kathryn was overwhelmed but found she had thoroughly enjoyed it. Chakotay earned four curtain calls of his own. The last one he took, he bowed deeply, taking off his hat and sweeping it, then looked up and caught Kathryn's eye. She smiled and brushed a hand across her eyes. He awarded her one of his smiles.


Later that night, Kathryn was trying to relax in her quarters. Her mind kept going back to the song, one that wouldn't release her mind. Giving up, she contacted Chakotay, whom she knew was off duty.

"Kathryn to Chakotay."

"Chakotay here."

"I enjoyed your performance."

"Thank you."

"You make a very fine pirate."

"I had some help."

"I'm sure. You looked very dashing." She thought a moment. "I liked the song."

"It took a little digging to find one that fit what we were trying to do."

"I'll bet," she hesitated, "just a moment."

As Chakotay waited, he was annoyed to hear his door chime. He walked over and opened it, revealing Kathryn. He looked at his desk, then to her, back to the desk and back to her. She laid a hand against his arm.

"No, I'm really here. So, you don't want to be the lonely one?" she said, smiling up at him. He darkened slightly at the use of the line from the song.

"No, I don't. What about you?"

Her kiss was all he needed. She pulled away from him.

"I suggest we look for that buried treasure-together, pirate captain."

"Aye, mi' lady," and Chakotay took her in his arms.


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