Girl Next Door

So, what is the girl next door?

She is the safe girl; the friend, the pal, the listener, the bearer of advice...

She is everything people want, but doesn't quite have the right stuff--

Welcome to my newest endeavor--the absolute truth--well, maybe I can fib a tiny Well...

My name is Mindy...short for nothing--just plain Mindy. This page was designed so I could be brutally honest about myself and hopefully, learn something about myself that maybe--just maybe, I didn't know before. Bridget Jones I'm not--but hey, I can have the same outlook--just slightly different!

Perceptions from the neighborhood

According to my mother--she never had any intention of ever letting me get a fix on candy. Never. Then--while on a trip (some sort of family gathering, I assume), we met up with my aunt and uncle at my grandmothers--and they had a son two months younger than I (YEAH!!!!). My aunt thought, "well, since Greggy likes M&M's so much, I bet Mindy would too!" I was young, impressionable...and who was I to say no to something that tasted that good?

I was active as a child--could run, played, had adventures with my athetic and hero-worshipped older brother. I spent hours outside, creating worlds of my own creation.

Then my brother went to the Air Force and mom began working days--dad was home, but since he worked graveyard at the shipyard, I was pretty much on my own until 5:00 or so.

This is probably where the trouble began. With no one to see what I was doing, noticing what I was doing, I found I could go through almost a half a loaf of bread in a sitting (particularly if it were fresh and soft and pliable).