Mindy's Favorite Links

These links are to some of my favorite sites. Most are J/C or Trek in nature, but I will be adding links that aren't of a trek nature. Please contact me if a link doesn't work or if you have a site you'd like to have linked.

The JetC15 Homepage

This is the pond I belong to. This group is prolific and has a wide variety of fiction for everyone.

Cheile's Shrine

Go to this great page. Read Cheile's stories. My favorites, "Fields of Gold" and her newest, "Kathryn's Rainbow" series.

Malabeth's Page

Malabeth has some great stories, including one of my favorite NC17 stories, "So Cold the Nigh"

August's Caboose

August has some really great stories. The Klex is real good read.

Castle Lucard

One of my JetC15 pondmates. Go and read "Bikini" I'm not kidding. It is good.


Renegade has some delightful stories, including "Allegiances".

J/C Cafe

This is a great site. Duckager, artwork and some great stories, including "Fly" and "Coer de Lion".

Kadith's Lair

Kadith has some great stories. One of my favorites is the "Brianne Series".

Running Horses Fan Fiction

Go to Diane's site. She has some incredible stories (and I highly recommend both the PG-13 & NC 17 versions of "Marooned")And while you're at it, check out Diane's funny pix.