A Little Bit About Me. . .

If you're here, you already know me to some extent. My name is Mindy. And no, it wasn't my first choice for a name, but since I had no say, I guess I'll keep it.

Hopefully, by reading this, you'll understand a little bit about who I am, why I like Star Trek and my enjoyment of writing.

Who is Mindy. . .?

I am a twenty-five year old, which makes me born in 1972. I share my birthday with Robert Picardo, aka, Holodoc. I've lived here in Washington State for the entirety of my life, in the same house, same room, with the same parents. . .I know, I'm insane.

Why Star Trek. . .?

I grew up watching Star Trek. I even remember the animated series. Long before cable, the choice on Saturday nights was: A) Lawarence Welk or B) Star Trek. Of course, my older brother and I lobbied for Star Trek. Hence, my association and devotion to Kirk, Spock, Bones and the rest.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of TNG. I like Data and that's about it. DS9, I've watched religiously since the beginning, but it isn't a favorite either. I'll admit, I was happy when Kira and Odo finally got it together, which brings me to the next topic...

Star Trek Voyager. . .

I have been faithful to Voyager since the second Chakotay and B'Elanna graced my screen that first time and her joke about a 39 year old rebuilt engine.

Since I'm faithful to original, needless to say, Voyager is tied for being my favorite. I enjoy the characters, the ideas and the fact that a woman is in charge of the prestigious ship.

Writing, Writing

This goes hand in hand. I began reading at three, writing at eight. I've always had a very visual and grandiouse imagination, which with some of this fanfic, you may see.

My first attempt at fanfic I began at fourteen, an original series story entitled "Vakasha". I promise, this one will never see the light of day, since it's buried in the attic somewhere and it is so poor, I wouldn't give it to my dog to read.

Also, I try to be a visual writer. I like to take the reader there, with the characters. I try to envision what I want them to see. Though this isn't always easy, it works for me as a writer.

Why J/C. . .

I saw the potential from the beginning, how the characters played off one another and how they seem to have a unique chemistry. Captain Kathryn Janeway represents strength, integrity, devotion. She has class and isn't afraid to take action. Commander Chakotay has the same characteristics as Janeway, but he is a lot more. He's strong because he went from captain of his own ship, to serving under Janeway. He isn't afraid to stand up to her and most importantly, he carries a torch for the lady (at least until some other AOTW comes along). I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for his beloved Kathryn.

I like writing fiction on these two. I began Chakotay because I had a problem writing my male characters (for more on this, make sure you check out the "Personal Logs of Commander Chakotay" section). If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it. Also, for me, writing is a major stress reliever.

I hope this gives you some insight into what makes me tick. I'm not sure what makes me tick. But this is a beginning. As for the reality of J/C. . .I can only say is that I do believe. It took TPTB three or four years for Odo and Kira to finally get it together. If not, oh well, there is always the world of fanfic. . .

. . .there are ALWAYS possiblities. . .

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